September 9, 2021 10:00 am PST

Getting Hands-On with ZTNA: Practical Steps to Securing Your Private Apps

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About the Webinar

Want to learn about Bitglass ZTNA through a live hands-on demonstration?

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) has emerged as the go-to security solution for distributed organizations with remote workforces accessing on-premises resources. ZTNA circumvents the challenges associated with VPN while providing enhanced protections for modern organizations. Rather than giving excessive access to the network and all internal resources, ZTNA is focused on the zero-trust principal of least privilege and gives secure access to specific resources one at a time based on a user's access context.

In this webinar we'll be going in-depth into ZTNA from a hands-on demonstration perspective, covering:

  • The core components and features of ZTNA
  • Bitglass' unique differentiators compared to other solutions
  • How to deploy ZTNA for your environment
  • Practical use cases for ZTNA


Justin Crowley

Justin Crowley

Global Director of Technical Enablement

Justin Crowley is Global Director of Technical Enablement who has been with Bitglass for 2 years. Justin runs training globally for customers and partners as well the Bitglass Certification Program and our new Learning Management System (LMS) Bitglass University.