October 6th 2020 at 10am PST

Securing SaaS with Bitglass: ServiceNow & Confluence

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About the Webinar

ServiceNow and Confluence are commonly used software-as-a-service applications in organizations around the world. ServiceNow provides automation and efficiency for streamlining business workflows, while Confluence enables communication and collaboration. As sensitive corporate information inevitably finds its way into these cloud-based tools, proper cloud security must be enforced.

Join this exclusive webinar session and learn:

  • The importance of cloud access security brokers (CASBs)
  • How your organization can secure its use of ServiceNow
  • The proper way to ensure security for Confluence


Amiya Das

Amiya Das

Product Manager

As product manager, Amiya manages API, shadow IT discovery and DLP. He is an engineer turned product manager and has been working in the security industry for 8 years. He holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and master’s in business administration.