September 29th 2020 at 10am PST

Identity & DLP: Two Critical Pillars in Your Defense Strategy

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About the Webinar

Identity access management and Data Loss Prevention are the two most important aspects of protecting any organization sharing data over cloud. As businesses across the globe continue to face increasing regulations and stricter compliance, data leakage has become very expensive. IAM along with DLP provides robust protection against data leaks as contextual DLP policies can be managed and enforced from a single point, reducing the attack surface dramatically. Bitglass’ multi-protocol proxy architecture, combined with API integration into cloud applications provides real-time, inline and out-of-band DLP for all cloud data, on any device or application.

Join this exclusive webinar session and learn:

  • How IAM and DLP together provide a comprehensive defence for insider threats
  • How IAM is essential for any business using enterprise SaaS applications
  • How DLP can prevent data leakage and is essential in today’s changing regulatory landscape


Abhigyan Smit

Abhigyan Smit

Product Manager

Abhigyan is a Product Manager at Bitglass, focusing on key product areas such as Identity, DLP, and Proxy. Intrinsically passionate about technology, Abhigyan has worked in the cybersecurity industry in multiple roles from software engineering to product management.