April 8th 2020 at 10am PST

Avoiding Backhauling and Bottlenecks in Cloud Security:

The Polyscale Architecture

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, we consider how cloud security architectures and business models affect scalability, uptime and performance. Specifically, we examine why some security architectures are robust and deliver high performance, while others are sluggish and prone to repeated outages.

In this webinar you will learn:

    • The importance of securing cloud data with tools like CASBs(Cloud Access Security Brokers)
    • Where standard cloud security architectures fall short
    • How the Polyscale Architecture is perfectly attuned to modern organizations’ security needs


Nat Kausik

Nat Kausik
CEO at Bitglass

Prior to Bitglass, Nat was CEO of Asterpix, Trubates, FineGround and Arcot Systems, and held positions in research and academia. Nat earned a B.Tech from IIT, Madras, an M.S. from Princeton University, and a Ph.D. in computer science from Cornell University.

Bitglass VP of products

Mike Schuricht
VP of Products at Bitglass

Mike has led the product management and techpubs teams since joining Bitglass in November 2013. Prior to Bitglass, Mike was at Palo Alto Networks leading security management and UI strategy. Before that, he held technical marketing and engineering roles at Mentor Graphics. Mike earned an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and BS in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Barbara.