UNC Charlotte secures Dropbox with Bitglass

UNC Charlotte Secures Dropbox with Bitglass CASB

As a university, UNC-Charlotte must adopt cloud apps like Dropbox in order to keep faculty and staff productive. After choosing Dropbox as their file-sharing & sync standard, the security of data in the cloud, where it could be access from any device, anywhere, was a huge concern. Fortunately, CASB fit the bill.

Learn why UNCC Vice Chancellor and CIO, Mike Carlin, Ph.D., chose Bitglass to secure data as it flowed in and out of Dropbox and onto user devices.

"Bitglass uniquely delivers a comprehensive solution that automatically segments, tracks, and secures university data in the cloud, at access, and on any device."
- Michael Carlin, Ph.D, Vice Chancellor and CIO