Zero Trust Access Control for Managed and Unmanaged Devices

As part of a Zero Trust Security mode, Zero Trust Access Control enforces security policies that take into account a broad set of contextual factors including user, application, content, type of device, trust level of device, and more. This brief considers the range of options for identifying managed, trusted devices and unmanaged, BYOD devices. It includes a deep dive into the following topics.
  • Network location
  • Client certificates
  • SAML attributes
  • Device profile agents

In addition, more than ever before, employees are moving off premises and performing their work duties remotely. While this does provide a variety of benefits to enterprises the world over, it can create security headaches when the proper solutions and strategies are not put in place. This additional whitepaper discusses the scalability concerns that you need to consider in order to secure remote workers as tehy access any app, any device from any network.

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